Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022): In Progress


  • Comparison of the Antibacterial Effect of Different Biological Silver Nanoparticles Synthetized and Integrated with Honeys

    Victor Hugo Clebis, Sara Scandorieiro, Wilma Aparecida Spinosa, Viviane Lopes Leite da Costa, Isabella Martins Lourenço, Amedea Barozzi Seabra, Renata Katsuko Katayama Kobayashi, Gerson Nakazato

    Article ID: 46
    173  (Abstract) 114  (Download)

    This study compares the morphologies, zeta potentials, and antibacterial effects a total 12 different microcompounds containing honey and silver nanoparticles, in a novel study of the difference between honey samples in nanoparticle synthesis, as well as the antibacterial interaction that those honey samples can have with the silver nanoparticles synthetized using them. Microcompounds were synthetized...