Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022)


  • Role of Opinion Leaders in Technology Transfer among the Farmers in Bangladesh

    Susmita Datta, Md. Matiul Islam, Mohammad Bashir Ahmed

    Article ID: 31
    200  (Abstract) 154  (Download)

    The agriculture of Bangladesh is progressing by using new technologies for production. This can be obtained by transferring technology to the farmers. Opinion leaders (OLs) are used as role models in the adoption of technology. The purpose of the study was to determine the role of OLs played regarding technology transfer. The study was conducted...

  • Management of Globisporangium ultimum Infecting Groundnut and Bambara Groundnut Pods Using Diverse Methods

    Ndifon Elias Mjaika

    Article ID: 27
    97  (Abstract) 56  (Download)

    Bambara groundnut and groundnut are leguminous crops of immense importance globally. However, these crops are exceedingly susceptible to Globisporangium ultimum groundnut pod rot disease which constitute foremost constraints to their production. The objective of proffering solutions to this pod rot disease was set and achieved using three diverse trials. Each experiment was conducted separately in...

  • Productivity of Tithonia diversifolia under Edaphoclimatic Conditions of Eastern Cuba

    M. Paumier, R.C. Herrera-Herrera, E.O. Toapanta-Mendoza, D.A. González-Aguilera, D.M. Verdecia, J.L. Ramírez, R.S. Herrera

    Article ID: 24
    98  (Abstract) 59  (Download)

    Livestock in the tropics is characterized by the use of production systems based on low quality pastures, Tithonia diversifolia; due to its productive potential and adequate nutritional value, stands as an alternative for the supplementation of grazing animals. With the objective of evaluating the productive behavior of T. diversifolia according to the climate and soil conditions of the...

  • Precipitation Effectiveness and Yam Production in Kwara State, Nigeria

    R.M. Olanrewaju, S.L. Tilakasiri, A.A. Salami

    Article ID: 34
    81  (Abstract) 69  (Download)

    Insufficiency  in  the  production  of  food  crops  in  Nigeria  has  been  linked  with  variation  in  rainfall  features.  This  paper  examined  the  impacts  of  variation in rainfall onsets, cessations and length of growing season on yam yield  in  Kwara  State,  Nigeria  to  proffer  a  solution  to  the  problem  of  food  insecurity in the state. Rainfall data...